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Getting Approval

Enbridge's prior written approval is required for many activities within its right-of-way.

Enbridge adheres to the:
Canada Energy Regulator Pipeline Crossing Regulations:

Individuals, landowners, and companies (including government organizations) must apply for and receive permission prior to construction or excavation across, on, along or under a right-of-way. They must also receive permission prior to excavation using power-operated equipment or explosives within the 30 metre (100 feet) prescribed area.

Getting Approval

Activities requiring a permit include (but are not limited to) roads, driveways, ditches, railways, overhead utilities, paving, short-term parking, fences, and changes to depth of soil over the pipeline.

Failure to obtain permission results in an Unauthorized Crossing, which must be reported to the CER.

For assistance with crossing applications, contact one of our Crossing Administrators at 1-866-262-3654 or Land Resource Agents.

Third Party Activity Forms

Third Party Activity Application Form -(MSWord)Open MSWord Document  (PDF)Opens PDF Document
Vehicle Crossing Information Form -(MSWord)Open MSWord Document  (PDF)Opens PDF Document