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Shipper Handbook

Important Legal Notice The purpose of the information contained in these documents is to provide general information to Enbridge Customers and Shippers. While Enbridge strives to keep the information in these documents as accurate as reasonably possible, these documents and the information therein may be subject to changes, inadvertent errors and Internet misuse. Therefore, the Customer/Shipper must refer to its contracts with Enbridge and the relevant tolls and tariffs in place from time to time to determine the terms and practices related to the business relationship with Enbridge.

The following collection of documents together makes up the Shipper Handbook. These documents are provided in PDF format.

  • Shipper Handbook Table of Contents
  • Contact Information
  • Residue Pipeline System Measurement Policy
  • Standard MS H2S Auto Isolation and Purge Procedure SOP-M-300
  • Overproduction Charges
  • Receipt Point Operator (RPO) Roles & Responsibilities
  • Residue Gas & Product Allocations
  • Service Invoicing