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Activities On or Near the Right of Way

Right of Way agreements enable the landowner to use and enjoy the property and ensure the safe operation and maintenance of the pipeline. These agreements place certain limits on how the land in a right of way can be used. These limitations are imposed to ensure the integrity of the pipeline - for your safety and the safety of others. Many activities such as farming and gardening go on as normal within the Right of Way; however, some activities are prohibited by Westcoast Energy's right of way agreement. As well, the Canada Energy Regulator requires that permission be obtained from Westcoast Energy Inc. before conducting excavation or blasting within 30 metres of the centerline of the pipeline.

Uses of the right of way that are generally acceptable include:

Uses of the right of way that are not permitted include:

Excavation within 30 metres of the Right of Way requiring permission:

Using Right Of Way