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TSouth Capacity Update for February 27 to March 6th, 2019



TSouth Capacity Update for February 27 to March 6th, 2019


As a reminder to shippers, the 2L2 dig will go ahead as planned and the operationally available capacity for TSouth during this time is forecast to be as follows: 
Station 4B South:
February 27, 2019                      1,450,385 GJ Tool Run
February 28, 2019                      1,303,081 GJ Tool Run & 2L2 Dig
March 1, 2019                              1,422,058 GJ 2L2 Dig
March 2, 2019                              1,246,425 GJ Tool Run & 2L2 Dig
March 3, 2019                              1,422,058 GJ 2L2 Dig
March 4, 2019                              1,422,058 GJ 2L2 Dig
March 5, 2019                              1,133,114 GJ Tool Run & 2L2 Dig
March 6, 2019                              1,422,058 GJ 2L2 Dig
As per usual practice, the daily available capacity will be published on Customer interface (C.I.) as a critical notice closer to the time of the scheduled work. 
If you have any questions, please contact the CSR hotline at (403) 699-1800.

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