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Critical Notice

Curtailment - All Prior to 13-Apr-2015








Shipper Balancing - November 29th Until Further Notice



Westcoast may incur Swing Gas Costs to mitigate operational risk related to any further packing.


Date of Notice: November 28, 2013

Starting: Gas Day November 29, 2013
Explanation: Refer to Critical Notice posting #41438 System Wide OFO on packing.
Westcoast has determined that there is a risk of pipeline operations being negatively impacted by sustained periods of high linepack, particularly through the weekend. Pursuant to Article 6.14 (e) of Westcoast’s General Terms and Conditions - Service, Westcoast may sell Swing Gas  to maintain linepack within normal operational levels and mitigate the risk of operational impacts. 
Westcoast issued a System Wide OFO effective November 27th which remains in effect. Article 6.15 of Westcoast General Terms and Conditions – Service sets out that, to the extent Westcoast incurs Swing Gas costs due to a failure to comply with an OFO or due to shipper imbalances, a Shipper exceeding their Cumulative Supply Imbalance greater than its Balancing Tolerance Range shall pay a pro rata share of Swing Costs for the period such Shipper materially contributed to Westcoast incurring such Swing Costs. Cumulative Supply Imbalances are calculated on the basis of Supply and Non-Supply Account balances. Westcoast has determined that this period shall start November 29th, 2013 and will continue until further notice.
 If you have any questions, contact the Customer Service Representatives (403) 699-1800.

Posting Date: 28-Nov-2013 17:35 CCT
Effective Date: 28-Nov-2013
End Date: 02-Dec-2013
Response Date: N/A
Location: N/A
Contacts: N/A